The BIGGEST Switch You Can Make on YOUR Next Phone Call That Will DOUBLE Your Sales!! (psssst…your husband may have been right)

*The notes below have been transcribed from the LIVE video

Today I’m talking about one of the major sales adjustments that you can make that will DOUBLE your sales. I promise you. When I do my one-on-one strategy sessions with these amazing business owners so often by the end of this, I say, Give me your pitch.

Before we’re on the phone together I’ve been pre-framed. I’ve watched your stuff. I’ve been following you for a while. I’ve answered all your questions before I got on the phone. I filled out an application. Now what?.

When I hear them, oftentimes, there’s one big problem and it’s so easily fixed and I’m going to share it with you today.

Do you get on the phone for sales calls?

Are you using an application funnel?

Are you getting people on the phone through a post or an app or a call to action inside of your side of your emails sequence?

What is that thing?

Are you getting on the phone, because if you are you are,  you may be doing this one thing. It is so common, especially for women selling.

I got the chance to spend an amazing weekend with some great, incredibly smart women at Yale University. It was incredible. It was hosted by Julie Stoin and it was amazing. What I found was when we start talking and hanging out around the table and whether it’s happy hour or whatever we can talk fast!

Susie. You know this. So Susie is also in a in a male-centric environment. She comes from a male centric business background.

Dudes don’t do that. When you hang out with dudes. It’s different for them. If Joy and Suzy were hanging out here in my backyard for a barbecue, we could probably each speak super fast and follow the conversation seamlessly. When it comes to a business conversation, it’s easy to miss things.

We can’t just go from topic to topic to topic when we want to get to a very clear destination in a very short amount of time. Back in the day there was this book called Just the facts Ma’am. Just the Facts. It was all about how to sell it like a woman. It was on my night stand 20 years ago, and I’m a brand new person in the sales world and all of my teachers are men. They always said “Renee, you have to slow down.”

This one adjustment is that if you focus on this during your sales calls, you will double your sales. I see it time and time again. So here it is.

When you get on the phone call and you’re talking to the person, if all the other pieces have been in place; if they’ve been pre-framed, if they’ve been prequalified, if there’s somebody who already is swimming toward, you’re not chasing after them, when it comes to the questions that you ask them, here’s the thing.

We can only ask them ONE question at a time.

So when I put up in the title “One thing that can double your sales. P.S. Your husband might have been right,” it was because my husband always says, “I can only answer one question at a time.”

Tell me about your business. Tell me what’s been working for you. Tell me where you’ve been. Tell me where you’re at and where you’re going.

Who here has ever felt themselves say that? Who has ever been on the receiving end of that? It’s great if we’re hanging out in the backyard for a barbecue because we totally can all follow the conversation, but it’s not that great when we’re in a sales conversation and we need to go from point A to Point B with a very clear picture and get to a very clear destination within a short amount of time.

.What are you looking to accomplish in the next three months, six months, 12 months?

Then we STOP talking and we listen. This part of the conversation is so hard for me. I literally like hold my jaw shut because it is so hard for me.

Has anybody ever felt like this? I’ll literally be holding hand over mouth saying “uh hmm.” Or I’ll have to break away and I have to have my pen and paper and like be ready to take notes.

It is so hard because it’s not in our nature. What is in our nature is that we  love to listen. We want to hear the whole story and that is where women really excel in sales. We have that ability to lean in and to understand silently without saying a word.

When we ask that one question and we stop and we truly listen and we don’t interrupt and truly give them space, you will see an amazing result.

If you are getting on the phone with someone who is already wanting what you have, ask that one question.

That one question and then listen. Then give another question and listen, You will find a huge difference.


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