Avoid Missing this Crucial STEP and NEVER Have to PITCH Again!!!

*The notes below have been transcribed from the live video.

If you avoid missing this crucial step, you will never have to pitch again.

Let me give you an example.

We’ve been to lots of farmers markets. It’s that time of year where you go to the farmers markets. Right now we have farmers markets and we walked back past and they were like hey, hey, hey, hey.

It’s like pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch.

However, I have worked at many farmers markets, back when I had my cherry juice business, and instead of saying hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Which is like the equivalent of like ads or just blasting me with informationally. I get enough information.

Avoid this crucial step.

At the farmers market they’re all like blah, blah, blah, blah. So in my experience with the farmers markets, instead start a conversations like, “Hi how are you?”.

Compliment, “Oh my gosh. I have that same stroller.”.


Start a conversation first. This is a rule of thumb. How does that relate to you if you’re not at the farmer’s market and you’re not pitching people are trying to get the attention of people that are walking past you if you’re on the internet?

There’s huge missing piece that I find all the time with my clients.


You had a connection. You met a person at some point either it was through an e-mail or through a referral or through LinkedIn. You met them and then the next thing that happened is you’re on the phone with them.

In between meeting them and getting on the phone with them there has to be another step. Ok. So yeah this is what’s going on. This is what I can do for you and this is how when and this is that you hear the analytics and here’s the case studies and here’s this ten grand.

And so the potential client was like, mmm, no. So what’s the big huge chunk in the middle that’s missing?

Have you guys ever had this happen to you where you meet somebody who you know they are like a dream ideal, amazing client? You know you can help them. There’s absolutely a thousand ways you can help them. You know that you can improve their business and or their life in some way, shape, or form. You make them this offer and they say no.

Has that ever happened to you?


There’s definitely some very specific steps you can take to avoid this issue because you know you can help them. They clearly have the problem your business solves. You clearly presented a very compelling solution. The problem is that there’s this huge missing chunk of the middle. If you’re in the online space here’s something you can do for sure.


I call it the Holy Trinity. You call it what you want. When I was in the field for years and years I didn’t have access to autoresponders. It just wasn’t my thing and like you know when I was in the field from like 1994 through 2007 and even beyond that. Autoresponders weren’t a thing until probably five or ten years ago. It was right before I stopped being active in the field, but I’ve still trained thousands of people since then. Since then I’ve developed this amazing strategy that I use. It’s super easy. You can create a 3, 5, or 15 e-mail sequence because people don’t always open every e-mail. When you meet someone, whatever that initial connection happening is you say, ‘Oh my goodness. I’ve loved meeting you.’ Then you get their information. You find out their e-mail or you’ll just find another way to either text them or message them or you look them up and here’s what you say:

“Hey I’m sending some of my clients some amazing information that I know you would love. Where can I send yours to? Because the e-mail that they have on their business card or on their social media isn’t necessarily the one that they check all the time forever. I literally have clients that send me a message saying they sent me an e-mail because they know that I don’t check my e-mail.

What is this e-mail saying one’s going to hold? The holy trinity is: (1) autoresponders; (2) social media; and (3) the phone calls.

The phone call is what happens at the end. The chunk that’s missing in the middle is that core belief.

It’s them understanding what you do and seeing in a series of consistency show up in their news feed or in their inbox or wherever you’ve connected with them.


Send them a live video that you’ve done. Send them an article that you’ve written. Send them the things that they SHOULD know about your industry and about how it’s understood in the world how it fits in so that when you get on the phone, here’s the second part:.

You are not pitching them you’re asking them questions about what you sent them to see if they have questions about what they learned? Questions about what they understood and maybe from a testimonial or some videos that you’ve done with clients – case studies, even white papers, depending on your industry and how technically specific it is. Before and after pictures or videos.

Anything you put in a social media post you could put into this autoresponder sequence. They might see you on social media. If you’re one of my students, you know you’re going to love them up and that’s going to be on social media too. Everybody has a social profile now. People are accessible. Access them. I


I want you to know that it’s so lovely to be able to get on the phone with them now. They’ve been pre-framed. They have some information. They’ve see you. They know you. They’re trusting you. They’re like, ‘oh yeah.’.

And then you get on the phone you ask them a question about the things that you sent them and they’re like. Yes. And now you’re having a conversation. Now you’re not pitching AT them which is the worst thing.


Good salespeople have good pitches. GREAT salespeople ask great questions.

You will never have to sell again if you have this amazing ability to ask questions.

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