3 Secrets to Selling as an Introvert

*the notes below have been transcribed from the LIVE video


Today, we’re talking about introverts.


Are you a self-proclaimed, card-holding, flag-waving introvert?


If you are an introvert and you’ve struggled with sales, today’s episode of the S-Word Live is a must!


Have you ever said, “I’m just not a natural at sales or I’m just not good at sales? What do I do as an introvert?”


If you know a flag-waving, card-holding introvert who’s ever said ‘I’m kind of struggling with the sales thing” hit the share button and tag them. We’re covering some really key action steps today that they [and you] can take today to get better.


Sales is one thing we all have to get good at because whether you’re just trying to shuffle your kids out the door or whether you’re trying to close that million dollar deal, the actions that we take, the systems that we make, the structure in our day is the same.


I’ve sold things for nine bucks and things for 90,000 bucks. The only difference is my attitude.


People say “Renee, you’re so energetic, you’re so outgoing.” True. I do still like my alone time, though. I grew up in a house where there were long periods of time when we just didn’t have a TV because my parents would say, “The idiot box does not need to live here.”


There were long periods of time when we would ask, “What are we going to read because we’d read every book in the house and our parents couldn’t always take us to the library because they were busy. I had to learn how to be with myself, too. And it was really something that I think I carry on today.


Here’s what I want to say about introverts. The first thing I want you to do today is tell a story from the past.


So what do I mean by that exactly?


When you tell a story from the past you can say, “Well when I had this situation…” Let me give you an example.


You’re speaking to a potential client and they’re considering hiring you. You can say to them, “Well, when I had this particular situation,” [whatever they’re struggling with], a former client told me what they really liked about working with me was X, Y, and Z.”


You can use phrases like this one, I call these Pocket Phrases. I really want to keep them in my pocket for when you might need them.


This works for everybody, not just introverts. Extroverts tend to be a little like, “Ahh! Look at me! Look at me!


So these pocket phrases brings it back down to relate to the rest of the world and live in reality.


What else can we do if you’re an introvert and you’re struggling in selling and you don’t want to seem braggy? Maybe you really get nervous looking at someone and talking with them.


In the age of internet, it’s very easy to get on a video call. I have a lot of clients that are introverts and they were taught in the past by other business coaches that they should get on video calls because video converts.


You know what? I agree. Video Does convert. But if you get freaked out by looking at someone in the eye virtually, then my advice to you is do an audio call. Have your script out in front of you. Have those pocket phrases in place so that you can go through it and not lose your place.


Leave me a comment below and let me know if giving yourself permission to not have to do a sales call on Skype, Zoom, of Facetime any other video platform helps.


It’s okay to do a regular audio call. There are thousands of dollars being exchanged every day and have been forever on a regular telephone call.


Another thing that I feel that so many of my card-holding, flag-waving introvert clients tell me is that when they talk with someone they feel like, “Oh, jeez they need to close themselves. I want them to really want it. I want them to come to me.”


And the answer is…that’s not going to work.


I do something called “Loving Up” and I invite them to an offer, to a call, a livestream or something.


Have you ever gone into one of those really fancy boutiques and no one greets you and no one talks to you the whole time you’re there? You’re strolling looking through the racks. You’re picking things up.


I’ve gone into those places I felt unwelcome. I felt out of place. Here’s what I want you to do so that doesn’t happen to anyone wanting to connect with you.


When you meet someone, even if you are an introvert, and you would rather just re-do your Website and work on your copy, you need to at least greet them and make them feel special. Make them know that they are seen.


Genuinely greet the person and get to know them in an authentic way, one on one. So this is what I’m getting at when it when it comes to being an introvert. It’s hard to speak to groups of people as an introvert. What I’m saying is you’re just speaking to ONE person at a time.


When you meet them, wherever you meet them, greet them. Follow them. Compliment them. Tell them how much you care and don’t let them feel unwanted because they are often not going to reach out to you.


Going back to that same analogy of those fancy boutiques.


Have you ever gone into those fancy boutiques where there are no prices on anything?

What do you immediately think?


Immediately, I think it’s too expensive. For my introvert friends, I’m going to encourage you to be strong and confident and excited about saying the price – whatever it is.


Introverts often say, “I don’t want to be pushy. I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want them to think they have to get it.”  I agree. I would never want to force anybody because most people are happy customers. We only want to make sales to people that actually know they need what we have.


When you’ve asked the questions, and talked to them in detail, repeated back to them what they’ve said, THEN you can say, “You know, I have some possible solutions. Would you like to hear them?” And then you can say the price.


Here’s an example:


“I have this level of service where I give the client this and they can expect these results. I’m so excited about delivering it. Here’s what some other clients had to say who took this took me up on this level of service. It’s only this much.”


“The second level of service is this and I get these results and these are the kind of clients who I love to work with in that scenario. Here’s some results that they like. Here are some things they told me they liked about it. And this is the price.”


I hope that these few action steps have been helpful if you’re an introvert and you feel like sales isn’t your thing. I want you to feel comfortable in your skin and know that people need what you have. It’s our moral responsibility to share our gifts with them.


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