Follow Up Secrets Revealed!! What you DON’T Know is Hurting You!

*The notes below have been transcribed from the LIVE video

Here are the follow up secrets.

What I hear all the time from people is,

“I’m not getting the sales I want. I put together my offer. I’ve got this amazing system that brings in people. They’re paying a lot of attention to my business, especially right now. I think this is why I was thinking about this today as I’ve had this exact conversation probably about ten times in the last five days.

I think it’s because we spend Q1 getting ourselves out there. Putting eyes on our business. Nurturing the connection pieces of our business which is so important and so good but here’s where I see it missing in in the follow up.

I think a lot of people don’t do follow up because of how they feel about it.

Has that ever happened to you where you don’t do it because you feel like you might be pushing somebody? You won’t follow because you feel like you might be annoying them.

Is it possible that you’re not following up because or you’ve held back from following up because you didn’t want to bother them?

So let’s do some science. I going to give you some details and some action steps.

Have you ever gotten a text from someone that you really like? And you got the text and then you read it and then you answered it. And then you put your phone down and then you went about your today. And then you get a phone call later on like hey…”why didn’t she enter my text.” And you’re like I totally did. When you look at your phone you’re like, “Oh I never sent it.”

Did that ever happen to you?


Guess how many other people that happens to?

All. Kinds of people. If that’s happening to you, imagine what’s happening to your customers or potential customers.

If this is happening to you, it’s happening to them so don’t take their silence as them saying no. Oftentimes they’re just busy. This is where a follow up comes in.


So here’s what you do. It really comes into two categories: (1) frequency and (2) relevancy.

Right so how often should I follow up? People ask me, “when is too much?” The statistics say the average person will make an offer and then they’ll follow up once. Some people follow up twice. Other people they might follow up three times

Somebody might follow up four times.

So has that ever happened to you guys were you’ll follow up one. You’ll make an offer and then you’ll follow up once. Or you’ll follow up twice maybe even three times or four times?

If it ever happened to you and you felt like, “OK well that’s enough.” I want to give you some science right now.


The scientific statistics that lots of smart people have done this very thing because big brands have got big money and they’re paying for big things. What they’ve understood to be true about humans is we don’t respond until we get five to 15 or up to 50 touches. So if you’re stopping at one. Or two. Or three and are thinking that four’s too much,

Guess what? You’re missing it by a lot. When people ask me, ‘What should I focus on first? I’m really behind with my follow up, I got lots I got lots of people coming to me and lots of new people you know joining my e-mail list. They say, “what should I work on first?”

Because I can’t work on everything today.


So what can you do right NOW?

This whole ‘S Word’ is about what I can do TODAY to make a difference in my sales.

And so my answer is to increase your frequency. And as you increase your frequency and you focus on what can I do to bring value more frequently to my people, it’s not just about sending them more e-mails.

I want you to use what I call the ‘Holy Trinity of Follow Up.’ (1) social media (2) Auto responding (3) and Phone calls.


If they don’t respond to any of it I want to repeat: they’re not necessarily silently saying no which is how we feel.

“I’ve bothered them. I’ve annoyed them.”

Instead think “there’s I’ve got to bring more value and I got to bring it in a different way. I don’t have to just send another e-mail. I could send another message to them in private messenger or “I could make a video just for them.” You could actually call them instead of messenger and say, Hey I wanted to know if you got that e-mail? It talked about X Y and Z.


There’s your Compliment. Easy to answer question. So you’re not saying, ‘just following up’


So what do I do? What are some things you could do.?

You could do Frequently asked questions. Say for anybody who’s considering buying this thing or if you considered buying this thing and this and you had this question of ‘hmm what if get it and it doesn’t blank?’

Well here’s my answer because I get that question all the time so let me answer that for you.

And that is one e-mail that you could send or one post you could make or one message you could leave them or one phone call you could make.


I had broached the question, ‘Have you ever had anybody who you’ve made an offer to and then they said ‘yes’ and then they just totally disappear on you?


It happens all the time. So the way to handle that specifically, because we’re going about follow up here is, when I make an offer to someone I make sure that the offer, there’s a line in that offer and I might say it out loud or I might just write it in the proposal and say listen ‘this offer at this price is valid through this date’ even if I haven’t booked the second follow up call because it’s going to save me a lot of heartache and it’s going to save them a lot of heartache too. It’s an easy way for them to get out of it if they don’t want it and it’s an easy way for me to know that they’re not going to take advantage of it and I can open up that part of my calendar again that I had reserved for them and the work that I was planning on doing for them.


In an ideal world, I’ll have him on the phone and I’ll get the payment on the phone. If not, then I can send them an email with all the things he talked about and then I can make sure I set up an appointment on the day that the deadline is so that we can talk about what I emailed them, right?

If that’s not possible, then I need to make sure at least that I send, I get their email, I can keep sending them information about education so that I become the go to person for them in that space.

I don’t want to lose that trusted adviser


So here’s the deal, when it comes to follow up it comes out to two things: (1) frequency and (2) relevancy. So once the frequency down how do you make it relevant?

Think about what is important to them. How do you maintain that trusted adviser role? How do you keep them in that experience of every time I speak to her I get value? Every time I listen to them or her or her company, I get value. I get something out of it. That’s what we want to keep going as we think about how to follow up.

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