Making sales offers without being sleazy is a challenge that many people face, and it’s something that my clients get tripped up on all the time. Today I want to share a few quick tips about how to infuse fun and build relationships while selling so that no matter the outcome, everyone can walk away feeling good about it. You’ll hopefully even gain some new business buddies in the process!

So how do you make sales simple and fun?

The first step is getting in the right mindset–it’s all in how you look at it.

I hear these things from my clients often:

“I hate sales.”

“I’m not good at sales.”

“I don’t like selling.”

Have you ever said any of those things? It’s the equivalent of our kids saying:

“I hate vegetables.”

“I’m not good at math.”

Or, “I want to quit dance!” (Even though they’re only 4 months into a year-long program that they absolutely begged you to join.)

Instead, try flipping it around to say:

“I love sharing what I do.”

“I love discovering more about people’s lives.”

“I love guiding my clients to solve the issues that they’re facing.”

Does that sound better to you? Establishing the right mindset about sales is the foundation for being able to confidently make offers.

Now that you’ve reframed your mindset, the second step is to take action.

Let me paint a picture for you. Have you ever liked a person’s post, and then gone to their page, read a blog post, commented, showed up to watch their live streams, and maybe you even joined their Facebook group? Whenever you see their name, you feel like you know them. But they’ve never offered you anything?

This is common for many people who are selling a service or product! We say to ourselves, “They know what I do. They’d come to me if they needed me.” “I don’t want to bother her.” “She’s probably fine, she doesn’t need me.”

But if you’re not offering anything, how can anyone say “yes”?

Here’s an actionable tip on how to get around that thinking (and sell without being salesy or sleazy!):

The next time you create an offer, simply ask your potential client to listen to that offer before you open it up to the general public. Even if you’re working with a business or sales coach, it’s always good to get someone else’s opinion. This is a great way to get feedback and open up a conversation with a potential client!

For example, you could say, “Rebecca, I love your posts, articles, etc. [share the things you genuinely love about what she’s doing]. I’m creating a new offer, and I’d love it if you’d listen to me share about it before I bring it to the general public just to get your opinion on it.”

If she says “yes,” then agree on a time to talk, and agree to be quick. Make a plan about how you’ll share the offer before getting on the phone with her. The reason so many of my clients aren’t selling or are getting tripped up is that they’re not forming offers. So this is how I guide my clients through writing out their offers.

Here’s what I suggest you share on the phone:

“Thanks for getting on the phone with me, Rebecca. Here’s the offer that I want to bring to the public. It’s a new program and it’s called [ _________ ]. In this program, my clients gets [ ______ ] and they feel like [ _______ ] without [ ________] in [ amount of time ] if they do the work. This is the price [ _____ ] that I’m going to bring it to the general public with, but I’m going to run a special when it first comes out and it’s only going to be [ ______ ] which is [ _____ ] savings. What do you think?”

Wait to hear her answer. Then ask the following questions:

“What questions would you have if you heard this offer?”

“Do you know anyone who would benefit from a program like this?”

This process is a great way to get your offers out there without sleaze while building relationships so that no matter what happens at the end, you walk away friends. I love talking about sales and making offers so that it doesn’t feel weird or creepy. I want it to feel good because I know you love bringing what you do to the world. You love helping your clients and finding out about people. You love helping people solve their problems.

I hope these tips on making sales offers helped you reframe your mindset and encouraged you to take action today. I’d love to hear from you if you found it helpful! If you want to dive deeper into the conversation, come join us in the Entrepreneurial Parents Movement Facebook Group, my private little clubhouse on Planet Internet!

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