How can you increase your sales with just a little bit of time every day? This is a topic that comes up often with my clients and in our Facebook group. Many women–especially those just starting out in online business–spend hours every day online but are frustrated when all of that time doesn’t turn into sales. It’s so easy to get sucked down a social media rabbit hole when you’re trying to do business online.

Here are 3 tips for increasing your sales in just 10 minutes a day:

  1. Choose one way to consistently be visible.

You don’t have to be everywhere. You just have to show up consistently in front of people who have the problem that your business solves. Trying to engage in every Facebook group or on every platform usually results in inconsistency and a lot of time wasted.

These simple action steps will help you be strategic in your online engagement:

–Ask yourself two questions to zero in on where to spend your time: What problem does your business solve? Where are the people who have that problem?

–Next, choose the one way you can get out in front of the people who need your help with their problem. Is it a weekly Facebook Live that covers the main problem that you solve for people? Is it a newsletter to your email list? Or maybe you consistently share a post with tips in 2 or 3 Facebook groups.

–Lastly, set a timer to prevent yourself from spending too long. We do this in many areas of our lives to help keep us on track and focused.

This simple online business tip has helped me fill my programs every month: be helpful and solve problems consistently.

  1. Connect personally to continue the conversation.

After you’ve started showing up to help people, connect personally with anyone who comments, asks questions, or engages with you in any way.

Here’s what I don’t mean by connecting: Don’t send them a long, salesy message about why you should work together. Don’t offer to work with them yet because you don’t know them yet. Most of us have received a 1500-word pitch from someone following up on a comment. But sending that kind of message doesn’t help you establish a relationship or be viewed as a genuinely helpful person.

Your intention with this step needs to be to continue the conversation that you started.

So, how do you connect beyond a Facebook comment thread?

–Send a private message to say thank you and then ask one question. It’s as simple as writing, “Thank you for watching my FB Live. Was I able to answer the questions that you had about that?” You might not get replies from everyone, but that’s okay. You want to show that you can solve their problem by continuing to be helpful.

Bonus tip: Keep a list or spreadsheet of people that you have helped out and connected with and KEEP connecting periodically with them!

  1. Invite them for more.

Once they see you as a person who solves the problem they have, and you feel comfortable with each other, make them an offer to work with you in some way.

There are lots of ways to invite someone to take the next step:

–If it feels comfortable, invite them onto a call. You could invite them to watch your next live training, to join your Facebook group or mailing list, or share any of your resources or products that could help them–there are so many options.

You can do all of these things in 10 minutes a day–setting a timer and being purposeful is key! Try these steps this week, and if you want to go deeper into the conversation, join us in the Entrepreneurial Parents Movement Facebook Group, my private little clubhouse where we talk about all things sales, launching, algorithms, and what’s for dinner.

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