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I’ve been traveling the inside passage of Alaska I have been learning about many explorers.

The mountain towns, lakes, glaciers and railways all named after them.

I will share Their names and their acts of service another day, the goal today is to make sales simple and FUN!!

Today I am going to share with you a sales system that I’ve named the HRIBAR Effect inspired by all of these incredible
Pioneers who set out into the great unknown with a goal to make a better life.

They did just that!!

Listen in as I break it down for you!



Hello! Coming to you LIVE

From the Disney Wonder.

We have been traveling through the inside passage of Alaska, hitting towns like Juneau and Skagway and Ketchikan. And today is a day at sea. And it is early here but you can see we are surrounded by a blanket of lovely mist and you will hear the fog horn go off. It has been absolutely an amazing journey. There have been so many as we’ve gone through these different historical places. There’ve been so many amazing Frontiersman I guess is the best way to say it that have placed their name on mountains and lakes and passageways and trains and towns and it has been inspiring that these people throughout history with limited knowledge, with limited technology, with limited resources, were able to find and discovered things that we still use and appreciate and love today. So on the “S” Word LIVE today my goal is to make sales simple and fun. And to do that I am going to give you something that I have created, and I call it the HRIBAR Effect. If you ask any of my students or clients or the women in my mastermind they would probably laugh because every single one of these. There’s a foghorn. I told you you’d hear it. Every single one of these is something I talk about all of the time. Both in Sell Like a Mutha and with my private one-on-one clients. And so I’m going to break it down for you. HRIBAR Effect H-R-I-B-A-R. Number one, having a reason to reach out. So having a reason to reach out, that is so important. I want you guys to think about, do you have an email list? Do you do posts on social media, whether it’s on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or whether you have Active Campaign, or Convertkit, or MailChimp? I’m sure that there is data that you can look at that would help you see who has been opening your emails, who’s been engaging on your posts. What have they been saying? People don’t hang out in your world for no good reason, right? Disney is phenomenal about this.

They always seem to know exactly what we want, right? Well because they’re paying attention and they’re collecting data. So yeah I’m not one to say data a lot, but I do definitely look at my data. But I look at the data not as individual dots in a matrix. I look at the data as these are people taking actions. How can I best serve them? And so that is the next step in terms of I, H R have a reason and now I, individualize it. This is something that Disney does amazing. They really personalize it. They know, they call you by name, and how they know your name I am sure they have some special way. These are literally a thousand crew members and a little over two thousand guests on board the ship and every single person I’ve seen or heard has been so special. There’s another one. See look at him. He’s working so hard. Where is he? There he is. They’re all amazing. So, individuals. Don’t just broadcast. Speak to a person. You’ve heard people say this before, but I mean actually speak to a person, not some avatar.

Not somebody who is like them. But actually them. So that means, what does it mean exactly? That means if someone has. Gotta love the foghorn. I mean it’s super foggy. I mean it’s like you can’t see anything. There’s land over there. You can’t see it. If someone has opened up your email for example or if someone has liked one of your posts or engaged with your post, look look them up to like check them out too. Find what they’ve done. If you’re selling to other businesses like I do, then their businesses are going to put things out there, so it’s easy to do. If you’re selling to individuals and you’re a health coach or a life coach or somebody that doesn’t sell to other businesses necessarily, then it could be as simple as hey you know everybody has a social platform they’re on, so maybe you find them on Instagram. Yeah I love that profile picture, something that’s public. Is that your dog? These are these are all finessed messages that need to be crafted with care and kindness.

So individualize it, meaning individualized your outreach.

Make it personal and you don’t have to make it about what you do initially. People like about elevator pitches. I’m not a fan of elevator pitches because it cheapens what you do and chances are what you do is something only you uniquely do in your specific way, whether you realize it or not. So the next part of the HRIBAR Effect is is to be yourself. I don’t want you to try to be like me or like somebody else or your best friend or the person you think you should be. I truly want you to just be who you are, because when you are yourself, then you have no competition. And when it comes to sales the first thing that I ask clients often is you know what makes you different? And a lot of them don’t have any idea about what makes them different. And I’m encouraging you to know this in your heart, you are different, whether you’re trying to be or not. And if we worked together I would help pull that out of you. Oh goodness I love it. I love it. So be yourself and whatever that looks like. It looks like crazy hair, gray hair. You know whatever. I look at myself some of the things that make me different, whether I like those things or not is another question. But at the end of the day you know be yourself. It will give you miles and miles of goodness for your heart. And same thing goes here, like every one of these people that are on the ship, Disney does it so well. They have their name and know where they’re from. And you know they’re not trying to teach to teach them some you know some other way to try to blend in. They’re trying to teach them to be unique and special because we all are unique and special. So A, ask questions. You know I’ve posted a few times lately about clients of mine and former clients that have had success by continuing to ask questions about

what their clients need. But it’s not just about asking broadly. It’s about asking specifically. Ask the individual that you’re having a conversation with, not just a broadcast ask, not just an email ask, not just to post ask, but an actual personal ask of an individual. What are you looking for? What you need? Tell me in your own words. And then you can help them with what they truly need. And then the next and the last one in the HRIBAR Effect is. is. Sorry. The boat is literally taking out all of my. It’s like no matter where I turn, no matter where I turn the wind continues to… So. Oh my goodness, this is so funny.

The goal is this the last the last one is R, and it’s continuing to have reasons to reach out. So continue to do things that you know your people would like.

There’s that foghorn again. Because you’ve asked. So when you have those continued reasons to reach out, I want you to think about what else can you provide them? If they need, for example here they do this so well, every night I usually order an iced tea for dinner or with dinner for dinner. And so our wait staff now has gotten used to bringing, just bringing me an ice tea. At the same time, they also ask you to would you like some wine with dinner or would you like something else? And the great thing is is that sometimes I do, but they always come with the iced tea initially. So they’ve really paid attention to what’s happening around them and what my actions have been, because no one takes actions on accident. It’s not just enough to measure the data. It’s more important to measure the person and what their actions are. Be aware of them and what they’re doing specifically, address them and what they’re doing specifically. Again I can’t say enough specificity, individualization, will win the day every day. And so this last one, having a reason to reach out continually, those are built into what you are going to observe, based on the people that are acting around you. So one of the biggest things my clients ask oftentimes before we start working together is how do I even find these people? How do I find the people that need me? How do I how connect with them once I identify them? What do I say so it’s not weird and Salesy and awkward? What do I do then? How do I start to introduce what I do once we’ve built a rapport, and once we started the conversation how do I turn the conversation so that they can understand this is what I do for a living but it’s not forceful

or awkward? So those are all very specific things that I teach all the time, whether it’s my programs or my one-on-one. So, I encourage you to use this HRIBAR Effect system. And start the journey today!

And connecting with the people that need you the most. I will see you next week on the “S” Word LIVE when I’m back home in Detroit.