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“The Secret to BIG Ticket Sales”
The “S” Word LIVE Show (making sales simple & fun)

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I am Revealing the EXACT Steps to Get New Clients Every 7 Days! (No List, No Website, No Problem!!)

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The Story Behind this LIVESTREAM:

I work with smart women who run coaching and consulting busineseses. Many also do high level “done-for-you” services like ghostwriting, branding design, digital marketing and run paid ads across the Planet Internet. But, there is a crack, an issue, a major problem that very few talk about . . . and it has to do with the BIG SECRET behind BIG TICKET SALES.

There are two very specific ways to solve this problem.

1. Tactical approach

2. Emotional approach

When your inner voice is saying “wait but first I must_____(fill in the blank)____”

That is a LIE.

When that inner voice keeps telling you that what you want is too far off and there are too many steps and you just keep spinning your wheels . . .

That is a LIE.

There is absolutely NO reason that you cannot have the clients you want, the business you want and lay the foundation for a legacy of true transformation.

This is not woo. This is a FACT. I coach people through this

In fact I have been teaching thousands of people throughout my career to do this exact thing.

Without money coming in, without SALES, you have a hobby. You CAN make sales and maintain your integrity, kindness and reputation.

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