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Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day?

Imagine if…

You had a magical elf… a genie in a bottle…or a clone!

Imagine if…

You had a superstar salesperson who would say exactly the right thing at the right time, never takes a day off and does it all for FREE!

It’s not science fiction any longer!

This is REAL and the time is NOW!!

Messenger BOTS allow even lean solo-operators to get more clients with less effort every day. 24/7.

Do you write a BLOG, Host a PODCAST or write EMAILS – great! ONE link can guide your audience through the SALES TRIFECTA even if you are not at your desk! This is the sales team you train ONCE, they do EXACTLY what you say every single time and you never have to give vacations, or birthday cards

Do you have a Facebook Group – great! Use them to share when there are events and live-streams, contests, fun challenges and even shareable prompts!

If you are in business where there is an opportunity to give a LINK… then you are MISSING out on the POWER (and ease) of BOTS working for YOU.

Meet me and my co-host Tammy Pereira in Detroit and leave with a BOT you can use anywhere you can share a link to walk your potential customers through the SALES TRIFECTA!!

You get sales strategy from me, my words written on your BOT and side-by-side in person tech direction from Tammy herself.

Get to DETROIT!!!