I’m excited to be able to share this with you today because it’s so important. Today I’m going to start off by talking about this one phrase, that if you’re missing this when you’re communicating with people, you are losing out on at least half of your sales. Seriously. So I’m going to share this phrase with you but I want to start with a story because think the story really helps bring it home. Maybe you have a story like this.

Earlier, in my free Facebook group, Entrepreneurial Parents Movement, I asked for some funny stories about miscommunication. I had shared a story about when my son and I were doing Meals on Wheels. We were picking up the meals that we would deliver from the community center in our local community, and there was a group of deaf seniors that were meeting there for a luncheon. Ben at the time was 5 years old and I was like,”Honey, these grandmas and papas are deaf which means they can’t hear you. But they are able to speak in their language, with their hands. You can hug them and smile at them and they will know that you love them because you’re smiling and you’re hugging them and that’s all good.”

We went to the luncheon and spent about 20 minutes just saying hello.

After we left, Ben asked, “Oh that was so fun! I’m so happy that God let them come back down to earth even though he took away their hearing . . . because they’re dead.”  I thought I had misheard him. I asked, “What do you mean “Back down to Earth?” so he explained, “well Mommy, because they’re dead.” A huge smile came across my face as I realized there had been a miscommunication. I explained, “they’re deaf, not dead.” This was literally a one-letter misunderstanding.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever had a misunderstanding of something so small but it made such a HUGE difference in how the other person interpreted it?

How does this relate to you? Well, if you are like many of my clients, you have YEARS of experience in your field. Before we start our work together I feel like some of them speak in tongues because they are true experts at what they do. They’ve been doing what they do for 10, 15, 20, 30 years. Part of our work is to adjust HOW they explain the benefits of their work, even if it’s about a simple concept. When it comes to selling something, you really have to focus on making sure that you’re using the words the person you’re talking to would use.

Has this ever happened to you when you were considering hiring someone?

When you’re on a sales call with someone, I want you to keep this phrase in your pocket. The phrase that pays is this: “Let me repeat this back to you so that I have the full picture.”

Anna Fishman said, “Almost got fired up over a huge thing with my old boss because we were using the same technical word in a different context.”

It’s so easy for miscommunication to happen.

If I’ve worked with you, you have certainly heard me say this before “sales is a muscle that atrophies quick”. So if you don’t practice this – – – I mean literally write this phrase down as you’re about to get on a phone call with someone it’s easy to miss it. So as you’re talking with someone remember, “good salespeople have good pitches great salespeople have great questions”. Ask your questions. Take notes. Do not comment, jump in or interject when they’ve answered. Listen. When they’re done, say, “Let me repeat this back to you,” and repeat back all of their answers to the questions you asked. Do this because it will show you were listening and THAT is a big deal in and of itself when it comes to taking on the trusted advisor role in a sales. Making sure that you BOTH are on the same page will lead to a better working relationship to start will not only help you sell but will help you avoid refunds and buyers/sellers remorse (I’ve got another story for that another time).

Once you have the full picture, you can then propose your solutions and that is, in essence, your offer. But so many times and then –tell me if this has happened you– where just one little word or one letter, like my story, is cause for a huge misinterpretation which could lead to no one getting what they want. The person who needs their problem solved doesn’t get their problem solved. You, the person who has the solution, isn’t able to offer your solution because they’re not seeing it the way that you see it.

The moral of the story: ASK great questions and LISTEN. Truly listen to their answers and if needed, ask MORE questions so that you get the FULL picture…NOT just enough of what you were waiting to hear to sell them on your hook. Actions like that give SALES a bad name.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a sales call where you did NOT feel HEARD yet you WERE pitched?

I have. It was the WORST feeling.

When I first brought my business into the online space, I knew I needed a mentor to guide me. After countless calls with kind women who were probably very smart but DID NOT LISTEN to me, I KNEW I needed to bring sales call training to the “business coaching space”… quickly.

Let me repeat this back to you, that’s the phrase that pays, and once you say exactly what you heard, oftentimes there will be a little gap that then you’re able to fill that gap and get on the same page, so that you are both using the same words for the same things. It’s that interaction- it’s that role that you take as a trusted advisor, as a person who they can go to when they have pain with something and you’re not always pitching them on something. Because again, once you have the full picture, maybe it’s not you that’s the solution. Maybe it’s someone else in your network. Maybe you have a different solution for them. Always be open to all the possibilities. But this phrase that pays. “Let me repeat that back to you” is UNIVERSAL.

Does this resonate with you?

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